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Juicy sweet sultanas and raisins are small power donors with many healthy ingredients. Due to the high content of glucose, digestible carbohydrates, they are quickly absorbed by the body and immediately converted into energy. In addition, the body is supplied with minerals, especially with a lot of potassium. They contain also the vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, iron, calcium and folic acid.

Sultanas are small, seedless, dried grapes are used in cakes and baking. Perfect as an exclusive snack supplement, tasty in the cereal and for all desserts. The bright colour of the grapes is preserved when they are dried under the Turkish sun, which shortens the drying time. Ready for consumption.



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  • Sultanas

    Price €3.19

    Top quality sultanas from Turkey

    Sultanas whole dark without seeds

    Natural, fruity and sweet

    Ideal for baking and snacking

    Delivery in resealable stand-up pouch

    Freshly packaged goods / Store cool and dry