Banana Chips

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Banana Chips

These sweetened banana chips make a light, sweet snack. Each piece is crispy and full of natural-rich aroma. Enjoy these crunchy fruit chips that are thrown over salads or in a dry fruit mixture for nibbling, cereal or yogurt. The banana is native to the Southeast Asian island world and is now growing in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.

They contain a lot of carbohydrates, fibre, potassium, the vitamins B6 & C, unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, proteins, iron and natural sugars make banana chips a great, energetic snack.

Banana Chips

Banana Chips

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  • Banana Chips

    Price €3.09

    Sweetened and dried banana chips from Philippines

    Banana chips sweetened and crispy

    Ideal for baking and snacking

    Delivery in resealable stand-up pouch

    Freshly packaged goods / Store cool and dry