Dryfruits Mix

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Dryfruits Mix

The fruit blend has a colourful and tasty mix of different dried fruits, which gives a varied

taste experience with individual fruity aromas. The fruit mixes are just as suitable as a snack during sports, as an addition to cereals, for baking, for desserts or as a snack. The fruit blend of delicious cranberries, juicy grape berries, sour physalis, crispy banana chips, delicious pineapple pieces, fruity plums and sweet sultanas.


The Berry blends, each with a unique taste. Naturally dried cape gooseberries are deliciously sour and fruity. Dried goji berries have a mild sweet taste and are slightly chewy. Sweet cranberries are delicacies for a fruity taste. Mulberries, on the other hand, are sweeter, crispier and more aromatic.

Dry Fruits Mix

Dryfruits Mix

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  • Dry fruits Mix

    Price €14.29


    Goji berries    13%

    Banana chips           13%

    Cranberries             13%

    Plums                          21.7%

    Physalis                     13%

    Sultanas                    13%

    Mulberries        13%

    Natural fruit mix from 7 different dried fruits, goji beeries, banana chips, cranberries, prunes, physalis, sultanas, mulberries

    Delivery in resealable stand-up pouch

    Store freshly packaged goods / Store cool and dry