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Ginger Chunks

Crystallized ginger is a versatile snack that you can enjoy alone or together with other foods. Chop our candied ginger into small pieces and add it to baked goods such as biscuits, bread and cakes. For a quick pour, pour a piece of our crystallized ginger into a hot cup of water. An aromatic ginger tea awaits you in a few minutes. Candied ginger adds a special flavour to stir-fries and other savoury dishes. Crystallized ginger helps with indigestion and colds. As a natural remedy to relieve nausea caused by motion sickness and morning sickness. Do not forget to take him on boat trips because of seasickness! (Some of us here know from experience that candied ginger is an indispensable part of your travel kit ...)

Ginger can not only be used as a spice or eaten raw, but can also be sweetened as a delicious candy or sweetened candied. Crystallized ginger is made from ginger root, which is cooked to soften and then lightly coated with sugar. The candied ginger is spicy with a spicy-sweet taste and is moist and tough. In Europe, ginger is always known as a spice, only for some time, one also notes the healing abilities of the ginger plant. In Asia, the healing properties of ginger have been known for millennia. It contains vitamin C, B6, calcium, potassium, sodium phosphorus and various essential oils that are widely used in aromatherapy for respiratory diseases.

Ginger Chunks

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  • Ginger Chunks

    Price €3.59

    Ginger pieces from Thailand candied and sweetened

    Sweet, spicy and soft

    Ideal for baking and snacking

    Delivery in resealable stand-up pouch

    Freshly packaged goods / Store cool and dry