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Erythritol / erythritol is the healthy and sweet sugar alternative to traditional sugar with no additives and calories. The product is slightly soluble, the erythritol crystals look like sugar. Erythritol / erythritol is therefore ideal for people who deliberately refrain from refined sugar but still do not want to miss the sweetness.

Erythritol is a white, odourless crystalline powder of high purity. Erythritol naturally occurs in a variety of foods, including many fruits and mushrooms, and in fermented foods such as cheese, wine, beer and soy sauce. Its sweetness profile is very close to sucrose, while its sweetness is up to 60-70% of the sweetness of sucrose.


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  • Erythritol

    Price €6.75

    Erythritol Vegan sugar substitute 

    • Sweet, natural sugar substitute

    • Calorie free and without foreign smell / taste

    • Store cool and dry